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ChicWrap is the perfect gift for that special chef in your life. Whether you are 25 or 85,  you will enjoy using ChicWrap because they are fun and easy to use.  Now anyone can experience what it’s like to cut a perfect piece of wrap every time!  Simply pull, slide and cut!  NO MORE STRUGGLING!

Life Simplified by Design

Grandmas Love BBQ Month

Did you know that on average 40% of food goes to waste in the United States! Yes, 40 percent!For most of us, food is one of the many major expenses in our day to day lives. Thankfully, there are several tips and tricks we can apply to make the most of our groceries and money! Simply wrapping your leftovers, fruits and vegetables can extend shelf life for up to several days. Our ChicWrap Dispensers are not only quick and easy to use but also make wrapping food extra easy. Chicwrap uses professional grade plastic that is strong and durable that clings for a tight seal. Not to mention, ChicWraps signature ZipSafe Button makes for a perfect cut every time! We think its safe to say, the battle against flimsy plastic is over.

Life Simplified by Design

ChicWrap, 2 Handed Control

Designing ChicWrap we wanted to appeal to a whole lot of different tastes for women & men, so we came up with six very different dispenser pattern designs.  With Father’s day coming up the Cook’s Tools, Triangles and the Modern Dots patterns are great designs for Dad.  We here from many of our customers that the man of the house does a lot of the cleaning up and wrapping at the end of the night.  ChicWrap will be one of those gifts Dad would never buy for himself, but will love & use it every day.  With summer party season on its way getting a ChicWrap gift pack, one of each design is a great way to always have a gift ready for when needed, while also getting free shipping!

Life Simplified by Design

ChicWrap 6 Patterns

The Cook’s Tools pattern was one of the first designs we all agreed on as being a keeper.  It is really a great addition to any kitchen with the illustrated tools, it kinda just fits right in.  It also is an easy pick for a gift since anyone who loves to cook can relate to the essential tools needed in a kitchen.  The design is timeless and even looks pretty cool as a poster, however one thing we made sure was to not ruin the design with a bunch of logos and numbers.  If you want any information about ChicWrap you can find that on the bottom of the dispenser when you need it.  Simplifying life also involves not cluttering up a beautiful design.

Life Simplified by Design

Cook's Tools Pattern Poster

A 360 degree view of one of our most popular design, ChicWrap Cook’s Tools.  The illustrated cooking tools on the dispenser makes it an easy decision for matching any kitchen or person who loves to cook.  This Cook’s Tool has a special place and that’s on the kitchen counter, we here from customers all the time who say ChicWrap is too cute to put in a drawer, and they use it between 6 & 8 times a day, so why put it away.  We purposely avoided putting logos on ChicWrap other than the bottom so people would have only a cute, fun, design they would enjoy looking at and be proud to display.

Life Simplified by Design

Who doesn’t love FREE shipping, and getting a ChicWrap as a gift?  The way we look at it, buy 6, keep one for yourself and give away the other five as gifts.  ChicWrap makes for the perfect gift because it will be used every day, and will put a smile on their face knowing the person who gave it to them is so thoughtful & smart.  Simplicity will do that to a person along with one of our 6 fun, bright designs free of logos and numbers.  All the information about ChicWrap can be found on the bottom of the dispenser, no need to clutter our beautiful design with logos, you will know who we are once you cut that first piece of plastic wrap.

Life Simplified by Design

ChicWrap 6 on Wood Slats

This year keep it simple for Mother’s Day and give mom the World’s Best Plastic Wrap & Dispenser.  ChicWrap will take away all the struggles with plastic wrap and put a smile on Mom’s face every time she wraps something up.  A gift she will use every day that will remind her of the one she loves and adores.  Almost seems to good to be true, it’s not, ChicWrap really works and has simplified lives all over the world.

Life Simplified by Design

ChicWrap Mother's Day

We all cook things now and again that are a bit on the smelly side, and they have a way of staying around a bit too long.  ChicWrap Professional Grade Plastic Wrap is an odor eater of some of the most smelliest things in a kitchen.  If you have used containers in the past you may have discovered the smell still is present after it’s been cleaned numerous times.  Plastic has a tendency to absorb smells and keep them around for a very long time.  ChicWrap fixes that, simply wrap with something other than plastic or just with ChicWrap to preserve and control the odor until you are ready to cook.  When your done simply throw away the plastic wrap and the odor is gone, and your kitchen is safe from smelly odors.

ChicWrap Odor Eater

Kitchen space is a valuable thing, and one culprit that takes up a lot is containers with lids.  They don’t always stack well, and the lids are often lost or misplaced.  Many times you will find the lid you want and not find the base, or vice versa.  We enjoy containers too, but don’t have quite as many now ChicWrap is in the kitchen.  It is so much quicker to simply wrap a bowl or plate, instead of dirtying up a container.  ChicWrap can easily fit in a drawer or it can be placed on the kitchen counter to be used any time.  ChicWrap uses Professional Plastic Wrap because it clings tighter and holds longer to protect your leftovers.  Restaurants use Professional Plastic Wrap to cover their food every night, keeping it fresh for the next day.

Space is a valuable thing